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Thursday, March 4, 2010



27 UP is on March 19, FRIDAY at Magnet Cafe, Fort Bonifacio High Street. Gates open at 9: 00 PM.

Please spread the word!

Contact me at 0928 395 0813 for ticket reservations. :-) See you!

Friday, February 19, 2010


27 UP is postponed.

There was an unfortunate problem with the venue 6Underground in Ortigas. A nearby condo Pearl Mansion filed a case against 6UG to stop operations due to the noise in their area. 6UG is forced to close until renovation, by adding audio insulators which takes about 2- 3 weeks.

Sad news, really.

But we're looking at the bright side. Perhaps, this is an opportunity to look for a bigger place. and more time to get more bands and sell more tickets.

Stay tuned for updates as 27 UP: Fundraiser for Kat Tiu Dy is definitely on!

We thank all of you for your unwavering support.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We've managed to gather the best talents, with most varied styles all in one night.

The limelight's on the 27 UP performers!


Genre: Progressive punk

In biological terms, Nyctinasty means the nastic rhythmic movement of plants in response to the onset of darkness.

The current incarnation of the band was formed back in 2006. Playing in the underground circuit for quite a while for around 3 years already, Nyctinasty's Noodle Perez and Pat Garcia recruited then "Hidden Nikki" drummer Nikki Cuna to play drums for them. Shortly thereafter, they were able to convince their friend Levi to play the bass.

Their much anticipated first album, scheduled to be released January of 2010 will feature 11 riff-heavy, passion-filled, eargasmic tunes that span their wide, even eclectic, influences.


genre: alternative rock

Mayonnaise is a 4-piece Filipino alternative rock band. The band is fronted by Monty Macalino who due to his unarguably very hefty body figure, makes him the most visible member of the group. But after the fact lies what the audience take home with them after watching Mayonnaise perform - guitar-driven tunes with ultra-catchy hooks and compelling lyrics. They band is famous for winning the prestigious Red Horse Muziklaban in 2004.

Mayonnaise has released a total of 3 albums. They have recently launched their 3rd entitled Tersera.

Philip Carlo Manikan is on guitars, while Poch Villalon plays bass, with drummer Shan Regalado. Our batchmate, Lee Maningas, is the former bassist/back up vocals.


Every high school batch has their unforgettable musical talents. Together with Louise Ibanez. Carissa Recto and Domini Robledo are SPCP 2001's prodigies. They last performed back in 2001, in the gymnasium and class auditorium. After 10 years, the musical prodigies unite for a night of acoustic songs, this time on a stage in 6UG. They've prepared a line-up of songs dedicated to Tiu Dy.


genre: punk rock alternative

Cunejo was formed in 1997. Julius, Akmar and Darwin were classmates and members of a high school band in Llamas School. They started practices and performed in any of school activities. They covered songs from Green Day, Blur, Rage Against The Machine, Marilyn Manson, Weezer, Oasis, Bush, Parokya Ni Edgar, Eraserheads, Marcy Playground and The Beatles until they realize to generate their own style of music.

The band has been around and composing over their 13 years of existence, so they have already more than 50 songs composition in the past year and they are planning to release an independent EP/album by the end of 2009!

Their songs talk about romance, heart breaks, and whatever the teenagers and yuppies experience everyday. The songs feature straight forward lyrics, melodic guitar lines and a punk rock beat.

Genre: funk/rock/variety

Cesar, Jem, Elaine, Tom and Burnz are the most unlikely bunch to put together a funk rock band. For them, the point is to just have lots of fun. Conflicting ideas and quirky antics give them the much-needed chemistry in a band.

Hailing from UST, Landas might be a newbie, but an exciting musical talent nonetheless.


genre: post- pop

If you’ve been quite a staple in the “underground” music scene, you would have heard about Ang Bandang Shirley by now—heart-wrenching lyrics, fantastic girl-boy vocal blending and lots of infectious dancing. Inarguably this year’s best new OPM discovery, the band is predicted to take the radio waves by storm. Consisting of eight members—Owel Alvero and Selena Salang on vocals, Ean Aguila and Joe Fontanilla on guitars, Jing Gaddi on bass, Heidi Pascual on keyboard and synth, Zig Rabara on drums and Kathy Gener as resident band manager-- they create this rather cute visual of a barkada shimmying, smiling and nodding to music they create. Truth is, it’s not a fa├žade for immediate pop style branding. Ang Bandang Shirley is a happy mix of individuals who are friends in “real life”--each distinctly possessing their own style--but still leaving enough room to coalesce their creative worlds

host/stand up comic

By night, he's a stand up comic, throwing punch lines as a hobby. He is also a multi-awarded. triathlete. By profession, he's the headwriter of Showbiz Central, Star Struck and other entertainment programs in GMA 7. Rey will make things definitely interesting on Feb. 23.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

See you all at 27 UP: a fundraiser for Kathrina Tiu Dy

27 UP is up! On February 23, join us as we celebrate Kathrina Tiu Dy's life in 6Underground, at 8 pm. Had she lived, Kat would have celebrated her 27th birthday here with us last February 2.

Tickets are priced at P500, as this is to raise money to pay for the whopping medical bills, still unpaid in the hospital. (The ticket entitles you to a free drink.)

So invite your friends for a night of bands and booze on February 23. Have a rockin' night and help at the same time!

27 UP Organizers would like to thank the following bands for agreeing to perform for free: Mayonnaise (Monty, thank you so much! Zarina, you're da best!), Ang Bandang Shirley, Cunejo (special mention: Pablo and Julius), Landas (thank you mareng Toni for bearing with our "kulit" and texts), Domini & Carissa, our talented batch mates in St. Paul (salamat Louise...sayang walang keyboard doon), and Nyctinasty (Kissa, Sheila's friend).

27 UP will be hosted by stand up comic/triathlete/GMA 7 head writer Ray Agapay.

Also, thank you to Ancha, our Batch Head for her unwavering support. And all our batchmates (SPCP '01) for being there for us. Overwhelming ang support niyong lahat! To all the Paulinians who have never forgotten Tiu Dy, our busmates, Vangie Villaver, Tiudy's friends in Assumption (Dyan, Pauline, Maris), in China Bank (April, sobrang thanks!) -- the coolest people Corinne, Dana, Kristle, KarKar, it was nice to meet you all.

Hope to see you all on Feb 23 and THANK YOU!

- Ali, Torres, Kate, Chuggs, Paz, Trisha, Ivette & Diaz

Sunday, January 31, 2010

27 UP is on February 23!

Here's a teaser to our fundraiser on February 23. Tell all your friends about it! We will send an invite complete with band line-up a.s.a.p. But for now, mark that date! :-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

On February 2, this year, she would have been twenty seven years old.

But three weeks before the date, Kathrina Tiudy passed away.

It came as a shock for all of us. Not only was she young. She was lively and outgoing. Popular among our batchmates in SPCP, well-loved in China Bank and in her countless circles of friends. With her wisecrack jokes and tariray ways, she was the type who brightened any person's day with just simply her presence. She was the life of the party and the light of her home.

She was a budding Marketing Officer and Entrepreneur. Having a discriminating eye for fashion, and a flair for fashion design drawing, she dreamed of opening her own clothing and bags store.

And when God decided to take her away, everyone-- her family and loved ones, almost thought it was all a bad dream.

Kathrina was sick with asthma two weeks prior. On January 6 (Wednesday), when she was sick with fever, she went to Medical City (Ortigas, which is closest to her residence) ER for a check-up. The doctor said it was UTI, gave her some antibiotics and asked her to go home.

On January 8, when she vomited blood, they rushed her to the hospital, only to find out it was dengue.

By January 9, Saturday morning, she was already in a critical stage. The worst case of dengue, the Med. City doctors said. It was stage 4 and hemorrhagic. Each hour, she was getting weaker. And the only hope was a miracle that her body will grow stronger and a blood dialysis will be possible.

By seven o' clock in the evening, her family and friends clutched rosaries and held hands, praying hard, crying, begging -- Please... don't take our Kat, our Tiuds away. We silently wished it was us who was bitten instead, for our body would have taken it. But not Tiuds, who was already asthmatic before her sickness.

By 10 pm, we were relieved to find out her blood count was increasing. Thank you Lord! Thank you thank you!

At 12 m.n., the hemorrhage reached her brain. Her heart was beating because of the machines, the rest of her gone.


Along with our grief, it's hard to be bitter and angry, knowing that she would have been saved if...if...only if a concerned, intelligent and sympathetic doctor thought twice and had her checked for dengue. Was that so hard to do?

Tiudy, our Tiudy could have been saved.

And to add insult to so much pain and grief, her medical bills amounted to P700, 000, 00.

Up to now, only 100,000 has been paid and her family is still on promissory note.


This February, we are holding a fund-raiser for Kathrina Tiudy -- to help her family with the bills and hire a lawyer to take this case further.

Any kind of support will be appreciated.

Today, we try to surrender it to God, knowing that Tiudy is already with Him, relieved of suffering and blessed with eternal happiness.

We are thankful for the amount of time, almost twenty-seven years, we have been blessed to live side by side with such a wonderful person.

And yes, on February 2, Kat Tiudy celebrates TWENTY SEVEN in heaven. And for us here, in the mundane physical world, we can only look back to the fondest memories with her, look up, smile and hope she sees us so she will know how much she is loved... and hope that no one will ever be the victim of misdiagnosis again.

*please text me at 0928 395 0813. we need your support for venues, bands and ticket sales. thank you so much!*